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Participants: Brian Duffy, Richard Baker

Series: Faster Than Sound, Residencies

Ideas explored: developing new work, music and theatre, sound design

Composer Richard Baker and Sound Artist Brian Duffy are both fascinated by games and here collaborate on a new work exploring the hidden voices of electronic toys and toy instruments in combination with a small chamber ensemble.

Richard Baker’s music is often concerned with ‘play’, both in the quick-fire, playful interplay of small mechanisms, and in its use of toy instruments. The trio Gaming, heard here, reimagines Nijinsky’s choreography for Jeux as a 1980s video game.

Sound artist Brian Duffy’s Modified Toy Orchestra explore the hidden potential and surplus value latent inside redundant technology by creating sophisticated new electronic instruments from abandoned children’s toys. Modified Toy Orchestra is totally original creation which will have you grinning like a Barbie doll.