Snape Maltings is a place of energy and inspiration – one of the world’s leading centres of music and a visitor destination of outstanding natural beauty.

Snape Maltings brings together outstanding concerts and events, distinctive independent shops, cafés, galleries and walks - all set against a breathtaking expanse of reeds, water and sky.

Made at Snape

Artistic projects that have been Made at Snape in our busy Creative Campus

Sarah Angliss, Ross Sutherland and Sarah Fahie’s opera is based on the true story of Charles Byrne, ‘The Irish Giant’, who was considered a living wonder at nearly 8′ tall, but lived in terror of what would happen to his body when he died.

Open Space artist Jack McNeill has used his place on the scheme to combine his work as a professional clarinet player and his contemporary folk duo McNeill & Heys in a new collaboration project, Propellor.

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