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Trio Frühstück

Tuesday 20 June, 3pm

Programme to include:

Haydn Piano Trio in G major 15’
Olga Neuwirth quasare/pulsare 10’ (UK premiere)
Charlotte Bray That Crazed Smile 5’
Beethoven Piano Trio in D major, ‘Ghost’ 25’


Trio Frühstuck

With some small modifications, a piano trio can pick up signals from different worlds. Olga Neuwirth’s quasare/pulsare transforms pulses from distant star systems; while in the Shakespeare-based That Crazed Smile Charlotte Bray finds infinite space in a nutshell.

Framing these two works with the limitless invention of Joseph Haydn and Beethoven’s ‘Ghost’ Trio – said to be inspired by Macbeth, and arguably the first truly Romantic piano trio – is a typically imaginative stroke from the Vienna-based Trio Frühstück.