The Hit

Sunday 9 Jun 2019 6pm

Part of The Pumphouse

‘Exceptional puppetry’ pitched at the extremes of mind and body – the award-winning Strangeface Theatre present a very black comedy drawing on cutting edge cognitive neuroscience to question the way we see the world.

Mikey, AKA The Ghost, is a hitman exposed to parts of the brain he never thought he would see. After an accidental death, some nagging last words, and a chance encounter in a steam bath, he’s holed up in his New York apartment trying to straighten things out. Bizarre events play out at the Mexico border, on a trampoline, and in the aisles of Toys’R’Us…

With creative team members from War Horse,The Hit is something different! Breaking Bad meets Samuel Beckett in a show designed to blow your mind.

'It’s a distinctly dreamlike tale, with seamless fluidity. There’s real thought here, the storytelling layered and deep'

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