The Dime Notes

Sunday 26 Aug 2018 7:30pm

Full programme to be announced in early April, with tickets on sale from 14 May. To book as early as 9 April, join our Annual Donors, Friends or Advance Booking List

Blues-drenched 1920s New Orleans jazz

This all-star quintet takes us back in time to the birthplace of jazz New Orleans in the tricentenary year of that great city. The stomping riffs and sultry melodies of 1920s jazz are the hallmarks of this vintage jazz band.

Propelled by Andrew Oliver’s quicksilver, quirky piano and soaked in the smooth bluesy clarinet and trumpet sounds of David Horniblow and Enrico Tomasso, this is both a stylish homage and a contemporary recreation of the infectious and unforgettable sound of one of the great eras in jazz history.

‘One thing we tend to forget... is how sexy this brand of early jazz can be. It’s easy to assume that Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet et al can’t speak to a younger generation, but the pianist Andrew Oliver’s quartet lays that notion to rest.’

The Sunday Times