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Tea4Life Tasting

Saturday 13 May 10am – 3pm

Come and sample a wonderful range of hand blended and hand packed green tea from Tea4life Saturday 13 May.  There are five in the range which include; Simply Sencha; a delicious young steamed Japanese green tea.  Lemon Sencha which is blended with organic lemon peel for a lovely hint of citrus;  Chocolatea which is Japanese sencha blended with raw cacao nibs for a smooth, subtle chocolate hit and the latest sencha blend which is Turmeric Sencha a warming infusion of Japanese sencha with raw coconut, turmeric and black pepper.  Last but not least there is Chill Out tea, delicate Chinese tea leaves rolled into small balls with jasmine flowers that unfold as they steep.

Sam Corti will be handing out samples of the entire range from 10am until 3pm in the Food Hall so please come and say hello!