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Saint Ephraim Male Choir

The acclaimed Budapest-based choir perform 20th and 21st century central European choral music including works by Janáček, Lutosławski, Ligeti and Bartók.

Friday 16 June, 3pm

From £5.00 to £22.00

Part of the Aldeburgh Festival season

Tamás Bubnó music director


Bartók Est (Evening) (1903) 3′
Janáček Kantor Halfar (1909) 5′
Prayer of the bells 3′
Boksay Sviaty Bozhe (From the Liturgy of St.John Chrysostom) (1921) 3′
Bartók Tót katonadalok (Slovak folk songs) (1917) 5′
Flute music interlude (interflute) 3′
Kodály Fölszállott a páva (A peacock takes its perch) (1937) 3′
Bartók Elmúlt időkből (From olden times) (1935) 16′
41 minutes

Lutoslawski Polish military folk songs (1951) excerpts 8′
Ligeti Nonsense madrigals – excerpts (2&3) (1988-93) 5′
Prayer of the bells 2′
Szokolay Gloria from Missa Brevis (1983) 4′
Dukay “beteljesedik minden” (everything… will be fulfilled) (2016) 3′
Prayer of the bells 2′
Bubnó Psalm 127 (2007) 3′
Zombola Psalm 3 (2010) 4′
Sáry Énekeljetek az Úrnak (Sing to the Lord) – psalm-canon (2011) 5′
36 minutes

“Every art has the right to root itself in the art of a previous age” said Béla Bartók. “It not only has the right to – but must stem from it”. The Budapest-based Saint Ephraim Male Choir roots tonight’s programme in a particular tradition – the rediscovery of central European folksong by Bartók and Kodály – and goes on to explore its modern blossoming in Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, including works written specifically for this group. Vital, inventive music performed with striking virtuosity and flair.