Quatuor Diotima

Tuesday 18 Jun 2019 11am

Part of Aldeburgh Festival

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Szymanowski String Quartet No. 2 18’
Thomas Larcher String Quartet No.4 ‘Lucid Dreams’ 27’
Schubert String Quartet in G 43’

With each movement dedicated to someone who died during its composition, Larcher’s most recent quartet (2015) is emotionally volatile and hard-hitting.

The textures of Szymanowski’s Second Quartet move through Ravelian delicacy, rugged folk material worthy of Bartók, and Shostakovich-like intensity, yet create a masterpiece of formal fluidity with a character entirely of its own.

Schubert’s last quartet is his most enigmatic, constantly shifting between major and minor, light and shade, always asking questions but never settling on answers.