Saturday 8 Sep 2018 2pm

Part of Festival of New

From sea to sky

Loom (n.) The slow and silent movement of water in a deep pool (Cumbrian dialect)

Loom is a new work that follows a watercourse, the sound intricately plotted on a surround sound speaker system that plunges us into the heart of the music.

Propellor is a 13-piece cross-genre collective that draws on musicians from backgrounds in free improvisation, folk, experimental electronica, baroque and contemporary classical music. Using field recordings and incorporating shared stories into its musical narrative, it is a meeting point between musical styles, electronic and acoustic performance.

All sessions in the Festival of New last about an hour.

Food will be available in the Concert Hall Café on Friday and Saturday 10am – 7.30pm. The Britten Studio Bar opens an hour prior to the evening performances and will stay open afterwards.

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