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Open Session Weekend: Propellor

Friday 22 – Sunday 24 September 2017, 10am-4pm

Are you drawn to the mountains, the sea and the river? Why is the landscape and coast important to you? Open Space ensemble, Propellor, present a small exhibition of their work, exploring the Suffolk environment, and invite you to record your own personal ‘Water Story’ to be embedded into the final orchestration.

Over the weekend, you will have the opportunity to:
– Listen to sections of the piece and chat to us about the writing process and inspiration behind the project.
– Record your own ‘Water Story’ and see how it will fit into the final orchestration.
– Try out triggering samples of beach and mountain sounds with the same sampler used by our percussionist Jim Molyneux
– Be the first to see newly created artwork and photography which will go on to be animated in concert performances
– Try out recording with an underwater microphone
– See videos of the rehearsal process.

About Propellor:

Propellor is a new cross-genre ensemble with an ambitious vision. Soloists, writers and ensemble players have come together from a diverse range of backgrounds to create an immersive live experience. The piece we’ve created is a journey mapping out the course of a river from the sea to the sky. It’s a concert length, through composed sound-story that’s rooted in the landscape. Each performance is special. The work is adapted specifically for the location in which it’s performed. Many of the sounds in the ensemble are sampled from field recordings and personal recollections from the local community – the aim being to collect a new sonic palette in each different place. This will be a unique and interactive experience for the audience: the ensemble perform in the round with 360 degree surround sound and visuals which illustrate the journey of the piece. It will be a truly immersive event. www.propellorensemble.uk