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Pierre-Laurent Aimard

An invitation to the dance – music by Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann and Bartók.

Friday 16 June, 7.30pm

From £5.00 to £26.00

Snape Maltings Concert Hall

Part of the Aldeburgh Festival season

Pierre-Laurent Aimard piano

The allure of the dance has always proved irresistible for composers, from the brilliance of Chopin’s waltzes and mazurkas, the riotous perpetual movement of Schumann’s Carnaval to the graceful elegance of Bach’s keyboard suites. Yet dancing is not just frivolous entertainment; the nostalgia of Schubert’s lilting Ländler and Bartók’s folk melodies exerts an emotional pull that speaks to the soul as well as the feet.

Aimard assembles a typically inventive sequence that leaps and pirouettes between composers, centuries and nations, between intimacy and exuberance. Like all the best dances, we change moods and partners all evening, with barely a moment to draw breath.