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Pierre-Laurent Aimard

Sunday 17 Jun 2018 3pm

Part of Aldeburgh Festival

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Pierre-Laurent Aimard piano

Beethoven Sonata Op.106 in Bb ‘Hammerklavier’ 44′
Ives Piano Sonata No.2 ‘Concord’ 44′

(ends approx. 4.50pm)

Few pianists are better equipped to meet the immense technical and emotional challenges of these massive transcendental piano sonatas than Pierre Laurent-Aimard.

‘The humblest composer will not find true humility in aiming low’ declared Ives. ‘He must never be timid or afraid of trying to express that which he feels is far above his power to express’. No-one ever accused either Ives or Beethoven of being a humble composer: and in these pivotal works they strove to do nothing less than the impossible, in music that continues to defy all easy assumptions.


Main Image Credit: Matt Jolly