Open Session: Tragic Ways of Killing a Woman

Thu 17 October 6pm

Tickets £6.00

Peter Pears Recital Room

Thursday 17 October 2019 - 6.00pm

Diana Soh composer
Richard Dubelski librettist
Laura Bowler vocalist

Singaporean composer Diana Soh and French librettist Richard Dubelski develop their project Façon Tragique de Tuer une Femme (Tragic Ways of Killing a Woman) which uses the heroines of the Greek tragedies to articulate the disparity in the treatment of women today versus that of men. The representation of modern day issues through Greek mythology opens the intimate issues of womanhood to a larger timeless universe.

They explore issues of domestic violence; illustrating the relationship of a couple both in private and public spaces; showing the differences between their thoughts, action and what is actually said. Concentrating on the exploration of this notion of dominance in relationships will also bring forward issues of female empowerment.

As more and more is revealed through the course of the opera, their perspectives and opinions of the characters will change. At some point the audience will realise that we are actually seeing the same female character (Ofé, Ophélie, Ophelia) at different points of her life, and what we thought were neighbourly interactions and commentary were but false dialogue across space and time.

The audience will have a role to play by providing live commentary on the action taking place on stage through a twitter-like platform. Their comments will be made public via a screen on stage. This replaces the subtitling in traditional opera and provides an added dimension to the spectacle. The construction of the opera will provide opportunities to scandalise the public and harvest a change in their reactions and judgements of the characters on stage, through the course of the spectacle.