Open Session: Dudok Quartet

Sunday 18 Aug 2019 11am

This story reads like a 17th century episode of #MeToo. Born in Rome in 1593 and first educated by her father, Artemisia Gentileschi was to be remembered not only as a genius painter but also as a heroine that fought a ferocious legal battle against her attacker Agostino Tassi, the painter that raped her at the age of 16. Not able to take revenge in words she sought solace in her paintings that often depict scenes of violence and contain many implicit messages for the attentive observer.

This concert is a homage to an extremely strong female artist, ahead of her time in painting and in fighting back against sexual assault. New songs based on the judicial accounts of her trial will be set to music by acclaimed international composers Josephine Stephenson (UK) and Antti Auvinen (Finland), mixed with contemporary arrangements of music that Artemisia might have heard. The Rape of Artemisia sheds new lights on themes that have lived in the present for centuries, but have become all the more urgent recently: abuse of power, seduction, violence and the strength of women.