Open Session: Breath Box

Thursday 21 Dec 2017 6pm

A collaborative composition by pianist Eliza McCarthy and electronic musician Jo Wills.

“The piece investigates our human and individual relationship to space, whether in a small room, vast landscape or something imagined. It is an exploration of our experience of space physically, emotionally, through memory and sound.

“We are delving in to the acoustic possibilities of the piano and the myriad textures that expanding its sound with electronic processes can bring. We want to investigate the possibilities of how sound lives in a performance space and are experimenting with live and prerecorded material, all of which originates from the piano, using electronic manipulation to blur the edges between live and recorded sound.

“A quadrophonic, surround speaker system will allow us to play with perceptions of depth and perspective. By amplifying otherwise inaudible textures we hope to encourage focused listening, inviting the audience to experience in minute detail the piano’s multifaceted sonic intensity.”


Main Image: Cristina Gottardi