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Open Session: Aldeburgh Young Musicians

Wednesday 16 Aug 2017 9:33pm

5pm: AYM Brass Camp

Free concert in the Hoffmann Building Foyer

This residency will explore the many facets of brass playing, such as personal approach to fundamental practice, Chamber Music and solo performance and will cover many of the stylistic idioms that need to be mastered in order to become a well rounded musician.

Led by some of the UK’s leading professionals, including Gary Farr and Tom Redmond, the group will explore from a creative perspective: group composition, improvisation, deep listening, and challenge the stereotypical roles of a brass player to create and perform their own original music.

6pm: AYM Egypt

A week of collaboration and exchange with the virtuosic musicians of the European-Egyptian Contemporary Music Society. The EECMS straddle the worlds of European contemporary music and traditional Arabic idioms and this week will add a new ingredient – the imaginations of the Aldeburgh Young Musicians. Jan Hendrickse and Tom Coult will lead a week of exploration and experiment as we create new work inspired by Arabic music. The musicians will learn some of the concepts and playing styles associated with Arabic music, and also use improvisation, open score composition and group-devised material to foster a genuinely cross-cultural collaboration.