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Nishat Khan

A day of North Indian classical music from sitar master Nishat Khan in the atmospheric setting of Orford Church. In three concerts, from early morning to late night, he creates intricate and richly contrasting music for each part of the day.

Saturday 17 June

From £5.00 to £10.00

Part of the Aldeburgh Festival season

The raag, the very backbone and essence of Indian classical music, is a living thing – shaped and charged with significance by the circumstances of its creation. The personality of the performer is vital, of course – and sitar master Nishat Khan belongs to a family tradition of North Indian classical music stretching back four centuries. But raags respond to and express every aspect of their environment: the atmosphere, the light, the location, and the shifting patterns of day and night. Through the course of a single day, Nishat Khan brings this tradition alive in the atmospheric sacred space of Orford Church.

Starting at 8am, he creates music for each season of the day: a Suffolk summer morning, the point at which afternoon starts to tilt towards evening, and finally, late into the night, as the cycle of the day approaches its end and its renewal. Each performance will be unique to its moment and place, an unrepeatable experience.