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Open Session: Ms Mercy

Wednesday 9 May 2018 6pm

Dave Morecroft keys/vocals
Gérald Gimenez guitar
Arthur O’Hara bass
Matthew Jacobson drums

An international lineup of musicians come together for Morecroft’s new project, following on from his award-winning punk-jazz quintet WorldService Project.

Having toured across 18 countries of the world, and dabbled with characters such as Mr Giggles the deranged clown, Morecroft next turns his attention to Ms Mercy – a non-gendered character who explores themes of dark sexuality, stereotypes and politics in a progressive alternative psych mash up of Frank Zappa, Mr Bungle, Muse and Meshuggah. The Open Session will present three-days worth of new material from the band, as well as explorations of theatre, comedy and circus in collaboration with visual and costume designer Jessica Knight.

Warning: contains sexual themes and strong language.