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Meeting of Angels

Sitar master Nishat Khan and Saint Ephraim Male Choir, explore the special affinity between Indian classical music and the plainchant tradition of the Christian church.

Thursday 15 June, 7.30pm

From £5.00 to £22.00

Part of the Aldeburgh Festival season

Saint Ephraim Male Choir
Nishat Khan sitar

World-renowned sitar master Nishat Khan believes modal Indian classical music holds a special affinity with the ancient plainchant tradition of the Christian church.

He continues his explorations in tandem with one of Europe’s finest and most distinctive male voice choirs. Whilst each musical tradition is given space to breathe unadorned, this softly expressive collision of worlds proves an alluring union. There is an unexpected, almost sensual, frisson to the blend of music rooted in centuries of religious spirituality.

Christianity and Sufism, music of the temple and cathedral – Blythburgh’s own angels look down on a special meeting of musical traditions.