Jerwood Opera Writing Foundation Open Session: The Raft

Friday 2 Nov 2018 5:30pm

Please note the change of date from our brochure.

In 1816 the frigate Méduse hit a sandbank off the coast of Senegal. 151 men escaped onto a handmade raft. After 13 days at sea only 15 of them were still alive. Together composer Jesse Jones, director Josh Armstrong and librettist Richard Scott attempt to unearth the truth of what happened on board the raft during those 13 days of cannibalism, murder and starvation – but can opera tell the truth?

The Raft is a chamber opera in development and part of the Jerwood Opera Writing Programme Fellowships supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation. This open session presents the work to date and provides an opportunity to talk to the creators about the process.

Jesse Jones composer
Richard Scott libretto
Josh Armstrong director

William Cole Conductor
Robert Allan Repetiteur

Katherine Manley Soprano
Adrian Dwyer Tenor
Ed Ballard Bass baritone