Grow Your Own Cut Flowers with Sarah Raven

Tue 31 Mar 10:30am


Tuesday 31 March 2020 - 10.30am

Sarah is a woman of many talents: she has worked as a doctor at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and is now a broadcaster, teacher and writer. Since the publication of her first book The Cutting Garden she has led the way over the last two decades in introducing a new kind of productive gardening which fuses intense colour, elegance and do-ability, bridging all kinds of gardening from dark rich dahlia glories to subtler smoky modern colours of poppies, roses, sweet peas, and all kinds of vegetable deliciousness. She runs her own gardening and cookery school at Perch Hill in East Sussex, and is the author of many books. She is currently working on a book on colour.

31st March 2020

‘Grow Your Own Cut Flowers’

This course is ideal whether you have been thinking of creating an intensive cutting patch, or just growing a few flowers for the house.  It’s one of Sarah’s classics updated with all she has learnt about growing cut flowers over 25 years.  Come and join us!  We always travel with our pop-up shop plus Arthur Parkinson and Caroline Neville will be assisting me in the demonstrations.

£175 including lunch, 10.30am – 3.30pm, book online here or call 0345 092 0283