Gretchen Peters

Tuesday 28 Aug 2018 7:30pm

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Nashville songwriter-poet

For two decades singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters has been one of Nashville’s most respected and popular artists. Inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2014, she has accumulated awards and accolades for her work writing for artists as diverse as Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Bryan Adams and Faith Hill. Her 2015 record Blackbirds was widely praised for its depth and beauty – songs of fleeting joys and heartfelt, unflinching truths, deftly delivered with sweetness and steel.

Her hotly-anticipated new album Dancing With the Beast was released in May.

"‘If Peters never delivers another tune as achingly beautiful as On a Bus to St. Cloud she has already earned herself a spot among country’s upper echelons"

People Magazine