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Margaret Atwood: How do we live (or die) Now

Friday 6 Oct 2017 8pm

Part of FlipSide

Margaret Atwood is universally acknowledged as a hero. Her books attest to the power of imagination, dedication, clear eye, dark humour and moral courage.

Only now can The Handmaid’s Tale, published in 1985, be seen to have been so prescient. In a photograph taken the day after the inauguration of President Trump, a protester held a sign reading “MAKE MARGARET ATWOOD FICTION AGAIN”.

Tireless in support of green issues and budding writers, fiercely loyal and generous with her time, Atwood has still managed to write 17 novels, 10 volumes of short stories, 20 volumes of poetry, 10 works of non-fiction, seven children’s books – and that leaves out graphic novels, TV scripts, libretti, audio recordings and shopping lists. She has won more than 55 Canadian and international awards. Who better to deliver FlipSide’s keynote address?

A bar serving food and refreshment will be open in the Hoffmann Building.