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Finding Words

From June 2017

Three huge banners, each bearing the words of a person with close ties to the Concert Hall or the area, have been created to hang in the central three alcoves of the foyer. Words were taken from existing quotations by Benjamin Britten and Brian Eno; Dame Janet Baker composed words specially for the work. The layout of these words has been conceived to maximise their poetic potential.

The Concert Hall foyer is a place of transition, movement and fluidity.The idea is to offer inspiration and insight about the making of music and creativity to those passing through this space; to effect the thoughts of its audience in advance of the music played on the other side of its walls.

The letters on the triptych have been cut from a black wool stage fabric and adhered to a canvas hanging. Volunteers from Snape WI have embroidered the name of the author of the words on each banner, as well as being involved in other aspects of the work’s realisation. The Concert Hall is a place for all and the element of inclusiveness and community in the work’s production is testament to this.

Abigail and Snape Maltings would like to thank Lavinia Fuller, Viv Holt, Kathy Hough and Maggie Scott from Snape WI for all their help and enthusiasm.