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Film: Something Wild

Thursday 14 Jun 2018 11am

Part of Aldeburgh Festival

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Directed by Jack Garfein (1961)
with score by Aaron Copland

(ends approx. 12.55pm)

This atmospheric independent film set in 1960s New York is startlingly modern in its frank approach to the physical and emotional trauma of Mary Ann, a young college student who experiences a brutal assault by a stranger, afterwards repressing her feelings of fear and isolation. By turns a tale of vulnerability and urban anonymity, Copland’s fine score underpins a new kind of film, influenced by the risk-taking artists associated with the New York Actors Studio, the beginning of the Method Acting approach which was so radically to transform American cinema. Gritty location and tense interior scenes make it a masterpiece in an emerging genre.


Illustration: Lucinda Rogers