Film: Charlie Chaplin Shorts

Mon 10 Jun 3pm

From £10.00 to £16.00

Aldeburgh Cinema

Part of Aldeburgh Festival

Monday 10 June 2019 - 3.00pm

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Short silent films featuring Charlie Chaplin: Easy Street (24’), The Immigrant (24’) and The Adventurer (23’)
with live scores improvised by pianist Neil Brand

In 1916 Charlie Chaplin struck the first ever million-dollar deal to write, produce and perform in a set of short comedies over which he would have total control. Mining laughs from the most unlikely sources – poverty, violence, hunger, prison escape and policing – Chaplin and his rep company take us on a wild ride of increasingly crazy gags and thrilling chases, always dodging the mighty grasp of the gigantic Eric Campbell.

They’re still extraordinarily touching and enduring, screened with inventive live scores by Neil Brand, a charmingly comedic contribution to Aldeburgh Cinema’s centenary year celebration.

Illustration: Brian Grimwood