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Sat 8 Sep 5:30pm

Tickets £8.00

Jerwood Kiln

Part of Festival of New

Saturday 8 September 2018 - 5.30pm

Sound, light, chocolate and perfume: a multi-sensory musical experiment

Singer-songwriter Naala melds Ghanian roots and a London upbringing. To her, all music seems ripe for assimilation, brought together by her smooth, soulful voice and an intricate web of instrumental and electronic sound.

Her latest project seems a logical progression in her hybrid approach. Using her own synaesthesia – associating the senses with sound – she explores how we actively use our other senses in creating and receiving music. What happens if we overstimulate some senses, or deprive ourselves of others? Working with lighting and sound designers and also with a chocolatier and parfumier this is a fascinating experiment in sensuality and creativity.

All sessions in the Festival of New last about an hour.

Food will be available in the Concert Hall Café on Friday and Saturday 10am – 7.30pm. The Britten Studio Bar opens an hour prior to the evening performances and will stay open afterwards.

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