Exhibition: Metamorphosis 4 Artists - 4 Materials

Friday 25 Jun 2021 - Wednesday 30 Jun 2021

Metamorphosis - 4 Artists - 4 Materials brings together the talents of
Sally Dunham, a Sculptor, KFD Jewellery, Shaun Clifford, Wood Turner and Naomi Brangwyn, Glass Artist.

Sally Dunham is a sculptor based in Cambridgeshire who creates individually handcrafted human and animal sculptures that are realistic yet contemporary and also her series ‘A moment with Mister Herbert’. Her own character whose adventures capture everyday situations and circumstances in a thought provoking and light-hearted way to make the viewer smile. Sally works in thin slabs of clay to create each unique sculpture.

Sally’s work is available as free standing sculptures and wall mounted designs. Sally also has some limited edition bronzes in her realistic human and animal range. Go to Sally’s website.

Karen Faulkner- Dunkley believes Jewellery is much more than an accessory.

She says, “Jewellery should look beautiful, make you feel fabulous and reveal a little piece of the real you.

I started designing and making jewellery in silver gold 21 years ago, when I couldn’t find the exact jewellery I wanted and have never looked back. Much of my jewellery is designed in cohesive collections to include  necklaces, earrings , bracelets and rings, but I also love to create one- of – kind pieces.

My greatest wish it that my jewellery is cherished and worn often, so as well as making the jewellery as stylish and elegant as possible, I have also infused the more recent collections with symbolism and meaning.

Head to the kfd Jewellery website here.

Naomi Brangwyn’s work sits somewhere between stained glass and painting, designed to hang on a plain wall where it can be enjoyed equally in natural or artificial light, she uses traditional stained-glass techniques, but wielding the glass cutter as a painter uses a brush.

You can discover Naomi Brangwyn’s website here.

Shaun Clifford is a woodturner and says of his work ‘I would describe my work as Organic meets Contemporary,  all my work is turned from locally sourced English hardwoods. I get my inspiration for my forms from the wood itself, I look for ripples on the outside of the log , unions where branches have been cut off leaving figure and colours that you don’t get anywhere else.

All my work is turned green so you get a little natural movement. I mainly make hollow forms and different shaped bowls , simple but beautiful. I try to incorporate unusual features if at all possible.’