Snape Bridge on the B1069 will be closed from Monday 19 October for two weeks. We will remain open but please be aware that If you are travelling from the north side of the bridge, you will need to follow a diversion and allow an extra 20 minutes for your journey. If you are travelling on the B1069 from the south, your journey will be unaffected.

Exhibition: Wild Horses by Andrew Smiley

Thursday 3 - Wednesday 9 September 2020, 10am - 5pm

‘The photos were taken in 2006 in the hills above Mougás in the province of Pontevedra, a kilometre from the Atlantic coast. Since Roman times, the mountains of Galicia have provided untrammelled space for a large population of wild horses, but this is now shrinking. Watching all that happened that day, seeing the affection and knowledge that the locals had for the animals, and the number of people drawn to the event, it was clear that the horse remains a potent symbol for Galicians.’

(Andrew Smiley, 14 October 2006)

From the 1980s onwards, Andrew Smiley travelled in Spain, Portugal and Central America photographing fiestas, performance and ritual, frequently placing himself at the heart of the action to capture moments of intense energy. He created a considerable collection of analogue and digital images, but was more interested in searching for new subject matter than exhibiting past work. His final trip to Mexico to photograph the Cora Indians near

Guadalajara was cut short by accident and illness, and he died in the city on the 25th of April 2019. His photographs have appeared in Murmurations of Love, Grief and Starlings by Julia Blackburn. They were also selected by António Pinelo Tiza to feature on the Iberian Mask Academy website, and have been used by the organisation to gain UNESCO cultural heritage status. These analogue photographs were developed by Andrew Smiley, and this is the first exhibition of his work in the U.K.