Exhibition: Symbioscene

Thursday 4 - Thursday 11 April

“I am a landscape and countryside artist based on a farm in Westleton, Suffolk. I run a stables there and spend my days catering to the needs of our local equestrian community. I paint in every other free moment, and exhibit 3 or 4 times a year. I have recently completed an MA in Fine Art, and during my studies I became interested in representing the relationship I have with my local rural environment and wild spaces with my landscapes. I am lucky enough to spend my working days on horseback exploring some of the most beautiful countryside East Anglia has to offer, and doing my degree pushed me to paint not only what I see when I am in these landscapes but also how I feel.

“The potential use of the term ‘Anthropocene’ to label the next geological epoch fascinates me, as there are few parts of the world that the human hand hasn’t irreversibly damaged. Being in wild spaces has a tremendous effect on our mental health and this psychological/environmental link gives me a great source of creative inspiration. I am inspired by the research of Environmental Philosopher Glenn Albrecht, ‘Deep’ Ecology, and the writings of Roger Deakin, Robert Macfarlane and all the other creatives who enrich the East Anglian art scene and promote a more positive, healthy future for ourselves and our environment.” – Ben Wardle