Exhibition: OUT THERE

Thursday 15 Jul 2021 - Wednesday 21 Jul 2021

Artworks developed from observation of nature, land and sea created on paper and in textile for interior decoration and fashion accessories.

The artworks in this exhibition have all been created by Sue Lancaster as a personal response to her environment.

For many years she has worked with themes rooted in observation:

Landscape – in the biggest sense of distance; across fields, hills and mountains, and also detail; the plants, the hedges and trees, the nature and the natural as well as the manmade, the structures such as walls, gardens and allotments.

Seascape – attempting to capture mood, movement and the sense of air.

This exhibition shows a wide selection of works from realistic pieces on paper and in textile as well as stylised responses resulting in decorative pieces for the wall, fashion and interior accessories.

The work starts ‘OUT THERE’ as in outside, beyond her home, places visited, and develops in terms of  ‘OUT-THERE’ as in a personal and original body of work unlike the work of any other artist.