Exhibition: Nature Through Their Eyes - Three Suffolk Artists

Thu 6 - Wed 12 September

Three local artists use different media to capture and express nature

Val Bonnett: Oil and Mixed Media
Val uses mixed media and oil, recording the local light in line, space and colour. She also makes mono and screen prints. Some works are based on life studies and the relationship with the landscape—the experience of moving within it that creates elemental energy.

Gill Leighton: Creative Landscape and Macro Photography
Macro photography is extreme close-up work – Gill’s passion is flower photography. Her award-winning photographs enable us to vision things we look at but can’t see. Gill’s landscape photography attempts to embody the memories of the beauty of the British countryside she has visited.

Brian Fearnley: Oil Painting
Brian’s work seeks to draw out the hidden life and meanings of the natural world. His work is reinforced by his commitment to the environmental movement.