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Exhibition: Nature at its Best Returns

Thu 10 – Wed 16 May 2018

Gillian Plummer – Creative photographer

Gillian Plummer is an International Award winning photographer who was voted ‘Photographer of the Year’ at the prestigious Garden Media Guild Awards 2016-17. The judges described her ‘intricate images as truly original, arresting and never to be forgotten’. Gillian takes photographs of the natural world, which for her is the spirit of life. Her images are intricate and capture the familiar in a way that makes them both alien and beautiful. A selection of her award winning images will be on view.

Website: http://www.gillianplummerphotography.co.uk/



Naomi Brangwyn - Glasswork

Naomi Brangwyn’s unique glasswork is a challenge: the limited available colours, the restrictions for detail, the honing of detail to a minimum. Nature – the wild and the calm, the undiscovered corners and wide-open spaces, the change of light from dawn to dusk – inspires her work.

Website: www.naomi-brangwyn.co.uk



Carol Pask – Stoneware and porcelain ceramics

Carol Pask’s exquisite stoneware and porcelain ceramics combine traditional methods, e.g. smoke and pit firing. Her sculptural pieces are often fused with metal, wood or slate and are a response to the beauty and fragility within the natural world.

Website: http://www.carolpask.com



Cyndi Speer - Oil Paintings

Cyndi Speer is a fine artist based in Suffolk. Her art works are predominately oils onto canvas. She is greatly inspired by the beauty of our Suffolk countryside, and the nature that is held within it. However her work is constantly evolving; subject matters change, although her use of colour and abstraction of perspective remains bold and intriguing. Her work also contains a strong graphic element, with composition being at the heart of every piece of work. She uses wide brushstrokes that are overlain with finer, delicate details, together with the inclusion of patterns that are found within the natural landscape. The overall effect has often been described as being ‘dreamlike’ and ‘surreal’.

Website: www.cyndispeer.co.uk