Exhibition: Lucian Eyers – Artist and Poet

Thu 30 Sep - Wed 13 Oct

Free Event

The Pond Gallery

Avant-garde artist and poet Lucian Eyers displays recent paintings with his original illustrated poems in rhyming verse.

“My new avant-garde paintings and illustrated poetry offer a spiritual and environmental message that will help us understand how we can spiritually develop. The detail above is from a painting called, “Good Mourning Lisa,” that focuses on removing the ‘seven veils’ which are essential to our ascension. In another picture I depict and discuss the past life of one of our greatest sculptors and reveal in another painting one of my own previous lives. The vibration of the planet has lifted and so must we. This naturally includes how we make our art. Below is a crop circle that my wife and I visited in August 2016. Thankfully there was a high hill beyond the crop circle which allowed me to photograph it from above as the reference for this painting. The crop circle message reveals the detailed knowledge the makers have of our species. We live in a magical time if we are prepared to believe in what we see.” Lucian Eyers – 2021.


Venue Address:

The Pond Gallery
Snape Maltings, Snape, Suffolk, IP17 1SP