Exhibition: Lucian Eyers - Artist and Poet

Fri 4 - Wed 16 October

Free Event

The Pond Gallery

“Fundamental to good picture making is that the artist should reflect the times they live in and be true to themselves. The other objective is to explore new ways of inspiring those around us.

“My new paintings and illustrated poetry offer a spiritual and environmental message that will inspire us to think about our own planetary contribution and personal growth.

“Therefore, one of the themes in this exhibition is my recognition of the 500 year anniversary since Leonardo Da Vinci’s death. I have painted two pictures that show how Leonardo’s voice can still be heard today. The first painting is a variation on the ‘Mona Lisa’ which I have entitled ‘The Mourner – Lisa’ and displays human neglect of our beautiful Earth. Hanging next to it is my variation on Leonardo’s ‘Salvador Mundi’ which I have named ‘In God we Trust.’ This picture provides a solution as to how we can heal the planet and is a reminder that even as individuals – we are all one.”

– Lucian Eyers


More information can be found at www.lucianeyers.comwww.sparky.co.uk


Venue Address:

The Pond Gallery
Snape Maltings, Snape, Suffolk, IP17 1SP