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Exhibition: Ian Last and Clare Rizzo - Exploring Suffolk

Thu 10 – Wed 16 May 2018

Ian Last and Clare Rizzo: Exploring Suffolk

Recent Work in Watercolours and Oils

Ian Last draws and paints in a variety of mediums, oils, acrylics, and some watercolours. He is inspired by both the birdlife of the UK and also by the landscapes of Suffolk and Norfolk. His work varies in style from detailed paintings to field sketches, made out and about.

Clare Rizzo paints in watercolours and oils. Local scenes, sometimes from an unexpected viewpoint. Or tranquil hidden corners , such as the splash of pink of the rosebay willowherb, on the Deben, at the end of summer.Her watercolours are generally looser with the pigments left to run together on the paper. She is currently embarking on a new exploration of working in oil paint.