Exhibition: Don Hawkley - Informed by Land, Sky and Sea

Thursday 25 April – Wednesday 1 May

“My work falls into two significantly different categories; decorative and functional. Sculptural and decorative work or wall-pieces bring what inspires me into the home. A shallow dish that suggests a rock pool full of kelp or the confluence of a stream, the ocean and the sea-smoothed rocks at the shoreline, the movement of clouds or the uniform fine lines suggested by the wind-swept reeds of a Suffolk estuary marsh, may be reflected in the form, function and textures of my pieces. Contemporary dining and entertaining demands that the vessels and surfaces we use for serving food and eating food from can be quirky, interesting and individual or unique. Useful bowls, dishes and plates, unique in form and surface will make the experience of presenting food both a personal and aesthetic experience. I’m rarely without a sketchbook and a camera; as I walk along the Suffolk coastline or through countryside beneath the awesome canopy of massive Suffolk skies, I find that both broad vistas stretching away before me and textures I can touch and feel offer a plethora of inspiration.” – Don Hawkley