Exhibition: Dennis Creffield "The Stones of England - East Anglian Cathedrals and Pagodas"

Friday 8 - Sunday 15 July, 10am until the end of the evening performance

In 1987, commissioned by the Arts Council to draw all 26 medieval cathedrals of England, Dennis Creffield embarked on an epic 10,000-mile journey around England: “No artist has ever before drawn all the English medieval cathedrals – not even Turner. I’ve dreamed of doing so since I was a student.”

As the Aldeburgh Festival returns to Ely Cathedral, this selection of Creffield’s acclaimed charcoal drawings celebrates the splendour of East Anglia’s cathedrals alongside the mystery of the Orford Ness pagodas.


Image Credit: Dennis Creffield drawing Peterborough Cathedral, Charles Mapleston/Malachite Ltd