Exhibition: Danielle Taylor - Swell

Thursday 18 - Wednesday 24 April

‘I begin with an image, a collection of images or a feeling, sometimes tentatively, sometimes as if going into battle. The joyous experience of adding paint to canvas mixes with the bittersweet struggle between confidence and uncertainty.

The process is intrinsically linked to my character and I paint to please myself, delighting in colour and texture. Whilst working I have periods where I become overly familiar with a piece and I lose the feeling of excitement, the ensuing frustration leads to rebellion…and that’s normally when the magic happens.’ – Taylor, 2018


Capturing unspoken moments, emotions and a sense of place, Taylor’s work communicates to the audience through a rich tapestry of colour and form. Her semi-abstract paintings utilise the properties of traditional media such as oil, and more unusual choices such as bitumen and shellac.

Web: www.danielletaylor.co     Instagram: danielletaylor.co