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Exhibition: Cuckoo Farm Studios Print Workshop

Thu 26 Apr – Wed 2 May 2018

Cuckoo Farm Studios Print Workshop Limited is a Registered Cooperative Society running at Cuckoo Farm Studios, Colchester. It provides workshop space for its members and runs courses in intaglio printing techniques for interested members of the public.

The Cooperative currently has eighteen members at various stages of technical and artistic development. Some members have shown work in London and others show work through 12PM, a group of professional East Anglian printers.

Members of the Cooperative mainly uses intaglio and relief printing techniques, i.e. etching, linocut, jigsaw, chine-collé and woodblock engraving but will soon move into silk screen.


Photographs of work and of printers in action can be found on Facebook.

More information: http://www.cuckoofarmstudios.org.uk/workspace/print-workshop/
Enquiries about courses or joining: admin@cuckoofarmstudios.org.uk