Exhibition: Chris Soule and Mita Higton

29 March – 11 April & 16 August – 29 August

Ceramic Fire and Powerful Paintings


Chris Soule has been potting for over 40 years in the European tradition. His experience from designing and making pots for companies like Harrods, Habitat and Debenhams taught him to think about a pot’s end use but also how it feels in the hand when you use it. His pots are earthenware using Reactive Glazes that he has developed over the years.

For Chris, sitting at the potter’s wheel is one of the most fantastic things you can do with your day, second only to opening a glaze kiln, not knowing if you are about to uncover your perfect pot.

For more information visit: www.soulepottery.co.uk


Mita Higton is a Suffolk based painter in watercolour and mixed media.

East Anglia’s vast sky and the abundance of light dominating its sea and landscapes have been a powerful source of inspiration for Mita. Her paintings use vivid colours and impressionistic brush strokes to depict local scenes, focusing largely on the coast and rural areas. She has now moved into a more experimental phase with the lavish use of acrylic inks to enhance the vibrancy and freedom of watercolour.  She is also an emotive portrait painter, and enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects, from family members to animals. Particularly striking are her collection of rooster paintings, which use an almost fauvist palette.

For more information visit: www.artsumitra.co.uk .