Exhibition: Chris Soule and John Read

Thursday 11 - Wednesday 24 April

Ceramics of exquisite colour focusing on function and form, and Digital Collage that are drawn on images of things on the ground that have intrigued John.

Chris Soule has been potting for over 40 years in the European tradition. His experience from designing and making pots for companies like Harrods, Habitat and Debenhams taught him to think about a pot’s end use but also how it feels in the hand when you use it.

His pots are earthenware using Reactive Glazes that he has developed over the years focusing very much on lively colour. For Chris, sitting at the potter’s wheel is one of the most fantastic things you can do with your day, second only to opening a glaze kiln, not knowing if you are about to uncover your perfect pot.

Website: www.soulepottery.co.uk


John Read is an established Suffolk-based sculptor, digital collagist and printmaker. Fascinated and moved by histories and traditions everywhere, and active in their defence, he shows his works inspired by this across the world – often in Japan, which is a major influence.

Through the organisation Prism Print International, which he co-founded and directs, he works to promote cultural exchange and deepen understanding through the art of printmaking worldwide.

Websites: www.john-read.co.uk and www.prismprintinternational.com