Exhibition: Breaking Glass

Thu 9 - Wed 15 August

In celebration of the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, the trailblazing law that first gave women the vote, Breaking Glass showcases Suffolk artists Sarah Bale, Julie Dodds, Brenda Nash and Rhoda Webb. Drawing on a wide range of influences and working in paint, sculpture, print and photography, the artists produce work that explores and questions aspects of women’s roles, identity, and their place in society, past and present.



Sarah Bale www.sarahbale.co.uk / www.instagram.com/inkysea

Julie Dodds www.instagram.com/juliedoddsart

Brenda Nash www.brendanash.co.uk / www.instagram.com/brendanashartist

Rhoda Webb www.rhodawebb.co.uk