Exhibition: The Alphabet Museum

Friday 29 Jun 2018 - Sunday 9 Sep 2018

An exploration of the origins and development of the alphabet. This exhibition will be a celebration humankind’s greatest invention, the tool which allows us to communicate with one another over great distances and time. Letters are so ubiquitous that they have become almost invisible, yet without a system of writing based upon the sounds any given symbol represents, we would still have to rely on cumbersome pictographic representations in order to communicate. Lettering artists design and create letters to communicate thoughts and feelings whether carved into stone or printed or written on to paper.  The letters of the alphabet in all their many variations are the tools of their trade, just as the pens and chisels which artists use to recreate them. This exhibition gives us the opportunity to investigate the sources of letters and admire their contemporary expressions in the hands of today’s gifted artists.