‘Chromatic Renaissance’: music by Lassus, Vicentino, Rore and James Weeks

Saturday 10 June, 3pm

From £4.00 to £17.00

Orford Church

Part of the Aldeburgh Festival season

Programme to include:

‘Chromatic Renaissance’: Works by LassusVicentino, Rore and James Weeks


James Weeks

Gesualdo’s daringly dissonant music is more regularly heard now, but few are aware of the musical experimentation that preceded him. As early as 1550 composer-theorists pioneered sometimes outlandish views on the origins of harmony, leading to astonishing ‘microtonal’ madrigals – music that is as beautiful and strange to modern ears as it was to 16th-century ones. The expansion of the harmonic palette digs deeper into music’s expressive possibilities and intensifies the listener’s emotional response.

EXAUDI replicates these adventures in harmony alongside the richly chromatic Renaissance music that followed. The music of today is represented by James Weeks, writing within a tuning system that is nearly five hundred years old.

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