Britten-Pears Young Artists Alumni III

Friday 21 Jun 2019 11am

Part of Aldeburgh Festival

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Instrumentalists from the Britten-Pears Young Artist Programme

Songs by Purcell including O Solitude, If Music be the Food of Love, Man is for woman made

‘Among thy fancies tell me this, what is that thing we call a kiss?’ The question asked in a little musical dialogue by Henry Lawes begins this programme exploring 17th-century notions of love, with extracts from theatrical music and other works by Henry Purcell. Purcell’s lovers, who prove to be by turns melancholy, delirious, bawdy, philosophical and ecstatic.

Full programme:
Lawes A dialogue on a kiss 3’
Purcell O Solitude, Z.406 6’
Aureng-Zebe, Z.573 – ’I see she flies me’ 2’
‘Lost is my quiet’, Z.502 3’
From silent shades (Mad Bess) Z. 370 4’
‘What a sad fate is mine’, Z.428 3’
A new ground in E minor, Z 682 3’
In all our Cynthia’s shining sphere, Z.496 4’
Don Quixote, Z.578 – ‘From rosy bow’rs’ 6’
A Dialogue between Thirsis and Daphne: ‘Why, my Daphne’, Z.525 4’
If music be the food of love, Z.379 4’
The mock marriage – Man is for woman made 2’
Don Quixote, Z.578 ‘Let the dreadful engines of eternal will’ 7’
King Arthur, Z.628 ‘You say ’tis Love creates the pain’ 5’
King Arthur, Z.628 – ‘For love every creature’ 2’