Ardeo Quartet

Thu 20 Jun 3pm

From £5.00 to £20.00

Orford Church

Part of Aldeburgh Festival

Thursday 20 June 2019 - 3.00pm

Priority booking for Annual Donors from Tuesday 15 January, Friends from Tuesday 29 January, and Advanced Booking list (including e-ABL) from Tuesday 12 February. General booking opens on Tuesday 19 February at 10am. Find out more about joining us and priority booking.

Takemitsu A Way a Lone 13’
Mozart String Quartet K464 33’
Thomas Larcher IXXU 14’
Beethoven String Quartet Op 135 25’

Completed in 2004, IXXU shows Larcher’s typical wide contrasts, bouncing fiercely driven rhythmic repetitions off moments of glassy, Arvo Pärt-like calm. Similarly, Takemitsu’s A Way a Lone plays typically meticulous sound-textures off against expressionistic gestures.

Mozart’s A major Quartet was dedicated to Haydn, and its formal resourcefulness and conversational clarity make a worthy tribute. And did Beethoven ever write a stranger quartet than Op.135, where light-touch jokiness and profound lyrical serenity jostle with existential wrangling over a three-note motto he associated with the words ‘must it be?’


Photo credit: Franziska Strauss