Sept 2019: The Future Hospital - transformative healthcare

Series: Creative Thinktanks

Tags: health and wellbeing, hospitals, Thinktank

Creative Thinktank

This Thinktank, co-created by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Snape Maltings Creative Campus, will bring together leading researchers, policy-makers, clinicians, practitioners and other stakeholders to consider physical/technological/human/natural/artistic/cultural aspects of The Future Hospital. In particular, it will explore how these elements can be integrated to provide the ideal hospital environment conducive to:

  • improving patient experience and wellbeing
  • accelerating recovery
  • minimising additional health complications associated with hospital admittance

Facilitated by Katherine Zeserson, discussions will embrace a wide range of perspectives, stimulate fresh thinking and lead towards collaborative developments in transformative healthcare.

The Thinktank will take place at Snape Bridge House in Suffolk on 9-10 Sept 2019. For more information, contact Jess Chapman:


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the top ranked and top performing hospital trusts in London, providing care across two hospital sites and seven clinics to a community of over one million people. Over the past five years they have been laying the foundations to implement the next generation of healthcare – the new technologies, design and systems that will transform patient care pathways and operational efficiency. Their portfolio of next generation care projects includes:

  • The RELAX Digital programme which uses imagery and installations to distract and relax patients in waiting and treatment areas
  • New Instruments designed specifically to offer a depth of creative expression whilst contributing to a patient’s physical rehabilitation
  • MyHospital – technology enhanced patient care such as sensors to monitor light levels, acoustics, temperature, controlled from a patient’s bedside
  • An expanding digital health devices/robotic programme

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