Perhaps Contraption

Participants: Catherine Ring, Charly Jolly, Christo Squier, Iain Mcdonald, Jin Theriault, Letty Stott, Mickey Bones, Perhaps Contraption, Riccardo Castellani, Yusuf Narcin

Series: Festival of New, Open Space

Tags: Brass Band, Cross-Genre, Progressive, Street Band, Theatre

Progressive brass band Perhaps Contraption are coming to the end of their time on our Open Space programme, having been with us for two years. They have spent their residency time writing and developing new music for their first theatrical show, Nearly Human. They have been collaborating with movement director Lucy Ridley, lighting designer Pablo Baz and, having won the Les Enfants Terribles Award for the Edinburgh Fringe, have been working with Oliver Lansley as director. As a result of the award, Perhaps Contraption have a month-long run at the Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh, with a preview show at Greenwich Theatre. They plan to subsequently tour the show the following year.



“We realise we are telling stories relating to life on a cosmic and subatomic level, with poignant reminders that between these immense and baffling themes, we fall in love, we do the washing up, we sneeze, we die, and so on.”