Music as a Sense of Time

Series: Creative Thinktanks

Ideas explored: music for health and wellbeing, music influenced by science

Creative Thinktank

This Creative Thinktank, curated by Professor Nick Tyler, Katherine Zeserson and Snape Maltings Creative Campus, will bring together artists, engineers, philosophers, scientists, and health professionals to discuss some of the following questions:

How do we evaluate the perception of  time? How long is now, when is then? Interacting with music as listeners, creators or performers we experience time as a non-linear territory that shrinks and expands, repeating but never repeated. We are released from the constraints of time as a sequential mechanism against which we measure our lives and thus we are able to synchronise with others in unexpected ways. Perhaps a special case of this is in the way we interact with space – how we relate to the time spent in space rather than the dimensionality of space itself. How can we draw on that power of music to transform our sense of time? What can we learn from our experience of time through music that could be applied to the design of new public spaces, and to a more effective harnessing of the role of music in the society? How might this fresh thinking, inspired by music’s transmutations of time, be applied to the active performance of people, time and place as a public service in order to decrease stress and build resilient communities?

From the starting points generated within this Thinktank we intend to develop a longer term research enquiry into Music, Time and Mind.

For more details, email Jess Chapman, Creative Campus Administrator