Joseph Peach & Charlie Grey

Artists: Charlie Grey, Joseph Peach, Owen Sinclair

Series: Festival of New, Residencies

Ideas explored: developing new work

Creating a new podcast series

Joseph and Charlie are a Scotland-based fiddle/piano duo who are working towards launching a podcast series. Each episode will feature a guest artist from across worlds and genres of music (and possibly beyond). Those guests will bring a basis: melody, song, idea, chord progression, that over the course of a one hour episode will be developed into a finished piece of music. This is completely new territory for the folk duo. An opportunity to rethink the nature of their work, how they make and present it, and to expand their practice as collaborators. Joining them on their residency was the first of their planned guests – multi-instrumentalist Owen Sinclair. The residency was a chance for the duo to test and explore their podcast idea, to refine processes and approaches, with the goal being to record and edit down this first collaboration in to the first hour long episode.