Snape Bridge on the B1069 will be closed from Monday 19 October for two weeks. We will remain open but please be aware that If you are travelling from the north side of the bridge, you will need to follow a diversion and allow an extra 20 minutes for your journey. If you are travelling on the B1069 from the south, your journey will be unaffected.

Dom Bouffard: Vengeful Ghost

Artists: Dom Bouffard

Series: Festival of New, Residencies

Ideas explored: developing new work, extended recording techniques, interactive performance, sound design

Dom is creating a new immersive work for electric guitars with his collaborators, Alli MacInnes (guitar), Lewis Amar (guitar) and Lia Mice (electronics/ spatialisation).

Based on a concept of ‘fractured punk’ it intersects performance, installation and sound sculpture, utilising prepared instruments and extended playing techniques in a large scale surround sound format. An ensemble of three guitarists and one live mixer perform from the centre, while audiences are free to wander and explore the surrounding physical / sonic environment. The effect is visceral and unstable, focusing on texture, dynamics and energy, honouring the electric guitar’s unique outlaw status and mythology, while seeking new shapes.

First Residency November 2019